Firebird Branding

Based on the mythical Firebird, brand building can be a difficult quest to meet and exceed consumer needs and desires to drive exponential growth. Difficult to articulate in such a crisp way that the entire company sees the value and knows how their everyday job impacts the vision and growth of the company.

However, it is possible and worth the quest.

The Firebird was believed to drop pearls from it’s beak on the villages it flew over and whomever found them was enlightened and became wealthy. There was belief that a single tail feather could light up an entire room. Not a myth, but truth, a strong brand identity can light up an entire marketplace! And the pearls that drive that growth are continuous consumer immersions to stay true and dedicated to your consumers. The “villagers” are your entire company, not just the marketing folks. Because it takes the whole village to grow exponentially.

With that backdrop, Firebird Branding is dedicated to helping build enlighten brand identities, where pearls of consumer insights keep the brand identity relevant and the business growing. My work is dedicated to helping executive teams, marketing departments and cross functional teams build or revitalize brand identities and architectures. Map out consumer paths for ongoing connections. Exceptional communication strategies and flawless activation in mediums consumers use today – most often on their phones! Fostering a culture of growth where every member of the company is excited and appreciates how their individual actions contribute to the growth of their brands.

Lighting up your brand’s growth potential. That is Firebird Branding.


About REBF – I am a classically trained and more importantly digitally liberated marketer that has enjoyed working with Fortune 50 companies, tech start ups, private equity backed and not for profit organizations alike. After receiving my MBA from Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, I settled in Connecticut with my husband and this is where we raised our two children. Marketing for Unilever Home & Personal Care to Hartz Mountain Pet Supplies, Shapeways 3d printing, and International Car Wash Group plus a bunch of things in between has been a tremendous journey with many outrageous consumer stories. But what I have loved the most are the teams and my teammates. It is our power as a tribe of individuals dedicated to bringing a product or service to market that makes this career so gratifying. Hope to meet your team soon!

And yes, my team and I dyed this piano PINK!

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