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Here is a list of all the ways we can help unleash your growth potential! From start-ups to fortune 50 companies, we have proven sales growth in each of these areas.


Crystalize your brand identity for the first time or explore an update.  Our model explores you tangible and intangible benefits, your voice and what makes your truly unique in a sea of options you may never have considered impact who says, “yes” to what you have to offer.  Rit Dye was being branded as a laundry aid.  However, the 100 year old brand was actually a creative medium for makers who wanted to revitalize their world in color. Growth +5 annually, while category was declining 3-4%.

Consumer Segmentation

Shapeways 3D Printing

Who are your peeps?  Really.  What are their pain points your product or service is relieving?  Sometimes there are several segments, but you have been treating them all the same.  At Shapeways 3-D printing there were several maker segments using 3-d printing, but growth did not come until we were talking to the discreet groups in their own language about their unique maker issues.  From jewelry designers to drone racers, the materials they used and design issues were completely different.  Website traffic grew 20% YOY and basket conversion increased 30% YOY.

Marketing Organization

Who do you need in-house?  Who can you source as a freelancer or through an agency.  We take a look at your business KPIs, assess your current resources and help you improve your marketing team’s productivity on the key metrics that are driving business growth.  Marketing can be a profit center, not an expense line!  This service can include completely new or partial updates to marketing org chart and job description development.  Marketing team 360 feedback, reviews, and coaching.  Agency reviews. Job posting, interviewing and hiring as needed.   At International Car Wash group we completely overhauled the entire marketing department bringing crisp KPIs to the department for the first time before merging with a sister company in the portfolio.

International Car Wash Group

Customer Care

Hartz Mountain Pet Supplies

We can set up a customer care team, organize your self help FAQ’s on your website or evaluate how your current customer care team is integrated into your business and helping unleash hidden growth opportunities.  At Hartz Mountain we had certified vets talking with pet parents daily.  The weekly and monthly reports served as innovation pipeline ideas and lead to a package innovation that helped us beat sales of the “Vet” flea & tick brands right as they were launching.

Reputation Management/Net Promotor Score

Have you googled your business lately?  Have your read your reviews on Amazon?  More importantly are you responding to every review?  We have organized management of reviews at scale globally and launched new promotor score (NPS) programs.   These direct communication feeds with customers uncovered performance issues at the source in real time as well as innovation opportunities.  NPS scores and commentary was one of the ways we identified 7 unique consumer segments for growth at a 3d printing start-up.

International Car Wash Group

Communication strategy and activation

Wow! by Stacey

We identify your key growth targets and the unique aspects of what you offer to focus your communication.  Then we recommend cost effective, unique ways to get the message into the hands of your core target when and where they will be searching for your service.  Press, social, website content, CRM and emailing marketing, paid and earned advertising, influencers, SEO/SEM.  Static and video content.  We write all the briefs and manage your agencies and in-house creatives or find creative support to fit your budget.  This area includes organizing and managing resources to update websites or build them from scratch.

Product innovation

Need some fresh new ideas for sales?  New product ideas can be found from talking with consumers and talking with your own team.  We can help identify new product ideas and manage the process to get them to market.  Over $1Billion in sales from new product ideas in over 12 different consumer categories and still growing!

Phoenix Brands

Cross Functional Team building

Hartz Mountain

Give us a crazy business goal or division hitting a growth block and we will facilitate a cross functional team workshop to unleash the hounds!  At Hartz Mountain our cross functional leadership team went from hating each other to sending each other annual birthday wishes 15 years after we no longer worked together after a surprise off site “pirate party” to determine what was and was not working with our different departments.  This led to a record time new product launch complete with EPA label approvals.

Product Profitability

Is your portfolio delivering the highest margin possible as quickly as possible.  We look at what you are selling, what consumers are buying and evaluate where to optimize profitability.  This can be a product line rationalization, product updates to improve margins, or communication strategy updates to prioritize more profitable product sales over less profitable ones.  Memberships at the local YMCA were focused on child memberships that lost money, but with an update to the communication strategy to focus on FAMILY memberships where parents could work out while their children were in swimming and gymnastics classes turned the entire organization around from losing money to being in the black. This same process improved laundry portfolios, 3d printing material libraries and more.

Phoenix Brands
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