Firebird Branding Services

There are several ways that Firebird Branding can support your company’s growth plans from one day workshops to short and long term contract work.

Brand & Corporate Identity and Architecture development

Mission, Vision, Brand Identity

From brag boards to a 3 word essence, we have a model that is fun and provocative for you and your team to discover a crisp articulation of who you are and what you stand for.

Growth Segments

Is your early adopter also your early majority?

Is your core consumer aging? My humble guess is yes. Great! How are you aging with them? Or how are you backfilling with the next generation who is going to love you too?

Do you have just one segment or several with different interests that can leverage the same benefits, just from a different perspective?

Product Revitalization

De-commodify – category basic stakes continue to evolve. Have you kept up?

Fresh Mining of everything your product(s) offer/do. Elevate benefits that actually matter most to your growth segment(s)

Update how products are presented to growth segment(s) both physically and digitally.

Remove barriers to connect directly with your customers through affiliations, strategic partnerships and customer care

A Few Additional Growth Specialties:

Primary and secondary consumer research and insight mining.

Launch and scale businesses through e-commerce either directly or through Amazon

Organize/reorganize marketing departments from architecture to job descriptions and hiring to coaching and team development

Cross functional team development and engagement in start-up speed innovation ideation and live launches.

Building and nurturing Customer Care


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