The beauty of the firebird is how new growth is eternal.

Firebird Branding

Strategic Growth Initiatives put into action today, not tomorrow.

Your growth projects can start any day you are ready..

We bootstrap innovation and growth initiatives along-side the day-to-day team by revitalizing and often repurposing company’s existing portfolios.

Our specialties include:

Identity work

Growth Segmentation

Product Revitalization

So, lets get started….

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Growth Services Where We Help Most

Identity Update

Who are you? What do you stand for? Do you need a refresh on your outlook?

Growth Segmentation

Who is going to LOVE your offerings starting tomorrow?

Who should be your biggest fan AND your biggest critic if you let them down?

Product Revitalization

De-commodify – category basic stakes continue to evolve.  Have you kept up?

Fresh Mining of everything your product(s) offer. We uncover all the benefits that matter most to your growth segment(s). Often they have been a part of your product or service since inception. They just haven’t been shared with anyone. Let’s unleash the secrets!

Are you making growth segments work too hard to see the relevance of your product or service? We can help fix that!


I brought Rebecca in twice to lead the marketing efforts for two of my companies in two completely different markets – Real Estate and Car Washes.   She immediately impacted the growth trajectory of these organizations through strategic insight into the consumer segments as well as building out a performance driven marketing function.

Tom Mangas, Founder and President Centerfire Capital, LLC

Firebird Branding was our answer to finally launching Servpro products direct to consumers.  We have wanted to explore this opportunity for years, but did not have resources internally, nor the expertise.  Rebecca and her team have led us swiftly and efficiently in building a product identity and launching effectively on Amazon.

Michael Stahl, CMO Servpro

Rebecca is a tremendous conduit between her client and the cloud platform for driving direct to customer sales.  She is data driven, and drives product launches with start-up speed.

Mark Crowther, Innovation Lead, Private Equity, AWS

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Cos Cob, Connecticut