New Tech I’m Digging: Mobilo

My business cards just got Smart!

It is always fun to try new products and technology throws numerous ones our way daily.  The latest one I have bitten into is Mobilo Card!  Here is mine for my Farm to Needle blog, Pink Imperfection.

Mobilo is the smart business card that makes sharing your information super slick.   Here is how it works: to share your contact information with anyone all they have to do is either tap the card on their phone or scan the QR code and instantly add you to their contacts on their iPhone or Android alternative for a phone.  (Yes, I’m an Apple girl!)

It also loads your social links, link to your website as well as offers a lead generation form.  Pretty darn awesome!

Three great things about this new “business card” if you will:

  1. I only have to keep one on me at all times – no more wondering if I have some in my bag.
  2. More environmental – not killing trees to share my contact information that folks just throw away after they put my information in their contact list.
  3. Efficiency – My contact information is instantly in other’s phone and also guaranteed to be added. Of course, folks can always delete me later, but at least I started in their contact list for a short while.

Plus, you get to custom design the front and back of your card on their website that is as easy as uploading a photo.  You don’t have to be a graphic design major to have a cool card.

Hope you will check it out.   This fun and valuable new tech was started by a past cohort of mine, Pieter Limburg when we were at Shapeways together.  Let him know I sent you his way and say hi! for me.


Cheers. REBF

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