Brand Aid

The value of Branding over time and the need for a refresh or re-branding…

Crystalize your brand identity and stick to it! However, overtime, you need to make sure you are still relevant to your consumer cohort.

Have they aged and need new bells and whistles – or just larger font size so they can read your package???

Or is your cohort always 25 -34 and now they are looking for something that feels very different than the 25 year old 25 years ago…

Our model explores the tangible and intangible benefits of your product or service “voice” and what makes you truly unique in a sea of options for TODAY.

Rit Dye was being branded as a laundry aid.  However, the 100 year old brand was actually being used as a creative medium for makers who wanted to revitalize their world in color. The Rit Studio re-brand saw 5% growth annually, while category was declining 3-4%.

How can we help you with your branding needs?

What We Typically Cover:

We do a full audit of your current “brand” through interviews with internal team members such as customer care, R&D, Sales and consumer immersions. Then we rebuild your brand story through:

Functionality – What exactly do you give consumers physically. Is this what they are looking for?
Personality – how do you present your product? Is this relevant to your consumer cohort? AND is everything consistent around this persona you have chosen regardless of where you are communicating.
Emotional impact – how does your consumer feel when and after using your product or service. Hint – this is the most important part of your brand because this is what drives repeat purchase and word of mouth sharing with friends.

Read more about our branding model approach here!

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