Consumer Segmentation

Rit Consumer Make N Take
Rit Studio Consumer Make N Take

Who is buying your product or services? Why? What kind of relationship would they like to have?

Who are your peeps?  Really.  What are their pain points or itch your product or service is relieving?  Sometimes there are several segments, but you have been treating them all the same.  At Shapeways 3-D printing there were several maker segments using 3-d printing, but growth did not come until we were talking to the discreet groups in their own language about their unique maker issues.  From jewelry designers to drone racers, the materials they used and design issues were completely different.  Website traffic grew 20% YOY and basket conversion increased 30% YOY.

What We Cover:

– Deep dive with your current consumer group
– Concise persona(s) of your consumer
– Branding and communication strategy implications

Stacey Hawkins
Wow! by Stacey

Rebecca fielded an attitude and usage study with my 300+ customers and helped me realize for the first time who I was “really” serving with my spice line and recipe programs.

The consumer segmentation also helped us identify numerous new product ideas and completely revolutionized our communication strategy. Not to mention who I am NOT serving, so I don’t spread my marketing budget to thin.

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