Cross Functional Team Alignment

Team meetings IRL should drive growth for the business every time you meet. And everyone should leave excited to execute flawlessly what you discussed!

Planning a quarterly team meeting? Starting to work on annual plans or need to war game with new competition entering the market? In real life team meetings have the potential to drive significant growth at record speed. This was one of my favorite secret weapons to drive growth everywhere I have worked.

Now you can make it your secret weapon as well!

What We Do:

– Develop unique exercises to dissect an issue or opportunity that engages every individual on the team
– Connect the consumer voice to issue/opportunity
– Project timeline the outcomes of the meeting so you leave with a roadmap to “Git ‘er dun!” as we like to say from my home state of Georgia.

Getting together for team meetings IRL has taken on a whole new meaning now that so many folks work remotely. Having fun, getting to know one another and sharing a common work objective can be incredibly powerful for the speed to market and success of any companies products and services. Read more HERE about the impact Cross Functional Team meetings have had for me.

Here is another business article I wrote about a specific team meeting – A Pirate Raid! You might find this helpful too.

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