Innovation the Firebird Way

New products, services, product refreshes can be much easier than we often make them. We start by talking with team members on the very front lines of your business to find great ideas just dying to make it to market – often times with little to no investment needed other than team commitment.

When I was working at Hartz Mountain Pet Supplies, the vet brands were launching flea & tick protection that looked WAY more efficacious than Hartz products, but by EPA laws, we actually performed equally well. We just cost $12 and they cost $50! Growth initiative – update our package to show we were professional grade without new testing for EPA approval.

The cross-functional team – R&D, Legal, Regulatory, Finance, Package Design, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care and a few staff Vets spent 6 months war rooming it until we nailed the final designs and copy.

The result – we outsold the vet brands at both Walmart and Target. Was even awarded best new product of the year by Target that year! Very proud of our team.

Now let’s bring this same success to your next growth challenge as well!

What We Do:

– Develop a concise brief for the growth goal that is really juicy and sometime a bit scary!
– Explore the business first hand talking with front line members of your team, consumers and looking at competition
– Leverage the cross functional leadership team to brain storm and ideate, then leave you with an action plan to “git ‘er dun”

Sometimes innovation is as simple as competitive envy. Just looking at what alternatives there are to your product or services and then comparing what they “say” vs what you “say”. Sometimes we are just as good or better, but aren’t sharing all the “goodness”. NO SECRETS! SHOUT OUT YOUR GREATNESS! Read more HERE.

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