Marketing strategy and activation

Are you communicating a meaningful message when and where consumers will take action?

Vet professional flea & tick protection through package communication on shelves at Walmart and Target.

We identify your key growth targets and the unique aspects of what you offer to focus your communication.  Then we recommend cost effective, unique ways to get the message into the hands of your core target when and where they will be searching for your service.  Press, social, website content, CRM and emailing marketing, paid and earned advertising, influencers, SEO/SEM.  Static and video content.  We write all the briefs and manage your agencies and in-house creatives or find creative support to fit your budget.  This area includes organizing and managing resources to update websites or build them from scratch.

What we can provide:

– Target consumer personas and media behaviors
– Communication strategy and activation plan
– Full suite of execution or team/agency coaching

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