Need Growth? Nurture a diverse team well-connected.

What makes for a well-connected team?  A group that loves each other and thinks exactly the same?   Shackleton put together that team and we see how that turned out.  Shipwrecked in ice and months to save everyone from an event that could have been completely avoided, had Shackleton been a leader that valued diversity aContinue reading “Need Growth? Nurture a diverse team well-connected.”

New Tech I’m Digging: Mobilo

My business cards just got Smart! It is always fun to try new products and technology throws numerous ones our way daily.  The latest one I have bitten into is Mobilo Card!  Here is mine for my Farm to Needle blog, Pink Imperfection. Mobilo is the smart business card that makes sharing your information superContinue reading “New Tech I’m Digging: Mobilo”

What do great brands and your personal brand have in common? More than you think!

(This is a co-authored article with Dr. Wanda Wallace, President and CEO of Leadership Forum, Inc.) The consumer brand industry has a long track record in creating great brands by deploying a variety of methods to identify the essence of a brand. We ask one simple question: What can consumer package goods brands teach usContinue reading “What do great brands and your personal brand have in common? More than you think!”

BBF’s (Brands’ Best Friends), Sponsorships and Strategic Alliances.

Do consumers really care who sponsors the Olympics? Will we actually drink more Coke because their logo is EVERYWHERE at the Olympics? Or do we choose our computers based on what system our schools used? Yes and No. When brands work together with one another in an authentic way that enhances our experience the sponsorshipContinue reading “BBF’s (Brands’ Best Friends), Sponsorships and Strategic Alliances.”

Extreme Consumer Immersion: Brand Ambassador PJ Party & Sleep Over

Want to REALLY get to know some of your most valuable community members?  Have them join you for a sleep over! When I was just starting the Rit Studio, we met the most incredible brand ambassadors in the craft industry and through a colorful conversation at the Craft & Hobby Association trade show we decidedContinue reading “Extreme Consumer Immersion: Brand Ambassador PJ Party & Sleep Over”