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My passion is helping companies of all sizes unleash their growth by insightful connection with consumer communities across the globe. To help organizations do this, I bring a classical consumer goods background along with digital liberation. Together with the teams I have worked with, we have consistently delivered growth for brands/services for Fortune 50 companies, tech start-ups and non-profits. No brand is too big or too small. Too old or too young.  From CEO’s and their executive teams to entrepreneurs sitting at their kitchen counter!

Key drivers for successful growth are:

1. Building an aspirational brand promise that is grounded in current consumer reality and links to the business model . (Don’t laugh, I have seen plenty where there was no link!)
2. New thinking around consumer acquisition and profitability model.    (Love working customer conversion paths and building thoughtful attribution models.)
3. Engaging communication strategies designed to building lasting relationships .  (Once you have a relationship, it is much cheaper to build repeat conversions)
4. Dedication to staying connected with the consumer regularly, not just for annual planning . (Consumers are our life blood.  Engaging with them and constantly listening is critical.)
5. Nurturing a Team culture dedicated to growth that is rooted in a deep  understanding of the relationship between the brand, the customer, and profitability.  (If I only had a $1 for all the times members of the cross functional team had no clue how their day to day job really tied back to the brand, customer needs and profitability of the company!)

I now have proven marketing can be a profit center, not just an expense line.

Ideal Clients

• Start-ups and Investors in need of C-suite marketing support, without the full time overhead that goes with it.
• Small to mid-size companies looking for hands on help with brand identity and activation in the digital domain from customer acquisition and attribution modeling to community engagement.
• Organizations looking for a growth hacker!

Feel free to email me with any questions or business needs at rebecca@firebirdbranding.com.
Connect with me on LinkedIN at linkedin.com/in/cheersrebf or just search for Rebecca Fretty.
Follow me on twitter @rbfretty.

If you follow me on Instagram you will only see needlework, gardening and cooking. That is the other side of my life! #pinkimperfection
Cheers! REBF

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